Planet Terror

It’s one of the profound mysteries of the movie year 2007: why, exactly, did critics embrace Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof the way they did while dismissing the far superior Robert Rodriguez half of Grindhouse out of hand? I could go on about this, but instead of expounding on the comparative joys of Planet Terror yet again, I’ve decided to join the Close-Up Blog-a-thon underway at The House Next Door and post a number of dramatic close-ups that perfectly illustrate just how much fun Rodriguez is having with the Grindhouse concept. The DVD of Planet Terror, severed from its insufferably pretentious twin, is available tomorrow.

Planet Terror. Robert Rodriguez, 2007. ****

28 Days Later

I hate zombies. They drive me up the wall. Why did I ever wanted to watch this escapes me–but it made sense with yesterday’s rainy-day Cillian Murphy horror double-feature. Takes an intersting turn in the third act; I won’t spoil it here. The ending stinks, and the DVD includes three or four alternate endings that are even worse. Good students of Mary Robison’s, we knew right away how Danny Boyle could have fixed it.