I'm a Cyborg But That's OK

Amélie in a mental institution,” Marcy quipped as we walked out of the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin, where Park Chan-Wooks latest played as part of the Fantasy Filmfest. As usual, she had a point: at the center of I’m a Cyborg is an adorable waif (Lim Su-jeong) who insists on seeing the world in her own peculiar way and is surrounded by a quirky cast of lovable supporting characters.

The filmmaking, as you’d expect from the director of Oldboy, is muscular and inventive. But unlike Jeunet’s unbearably cute Amélie, Cha Young-goon has to face some all-too-real pain. The girl believes herself to be a cyborg (“You know, kind of like a robot”) and is sent to the mental ward after trying to “recharge her batteries” in a way that reads to the rest of the world as a suicide attempt.

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Saibogujiman kwenchana. Park Chan-wook, 2006. ***

Tea Leaf Green @ Rocks Off Cruise

The storm that lashed New York last Sunday was wicked enough to merit its own name, but the Rocks Off cruise featuring San Francisco jam band Tea Leaf Green went full steam ahead anyway. The cheerful music made the downpour appear festive, fun was had on the rolling dance floor, and not until the Temptress was docked again did the weather get its due: swimming home would have been easier than trying to catch a cab on the West Side Highway–and just as wet.

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