Back when AOL Messenger was the incredible futuristic communications doodad du jour and TimeOut predicted Astoria would be the next hip New York neighborhood, one Jordan Hoffman became my editor at Fast-forward 17 years, and he’s not only a dear friend but also the official voice of Star Trek and a regular contributor to The Guardian, Vanity Fair, Thrillist, The Times of Israel, and more. Also, he hooked me up with tickets for the Baker’s Dozen, an act of kindness that shall never be forgotten.

Anyway, this is just to say that you should follow Jordan in all his endeavors (if you don’t already) — and that I just built his new website, which you can admire here.

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The Long Tail

fare thee well
Longevity is not exactly a feature of the Internet, so it’s especially nice when long-ago work suddenly resurfaces in unexpected places. This week brought not just one but two references to pieces I wrote decades ago — quite literally:

  1. At SmashCut, Nathan Smith watched Star Wars Wars: All Six Films At Once and quoted from my 2005 review of Revenge of the Sith.
  2. Jordan Hoffmann managed to sneak a reference to my 1995 (!) essay “The Fractals of Familiarity and Innovation: Robert Hunter and the Grateful Dead concert experience” into a Playboy article on the Fare Thee Well concerts. That’s right, a paper I wrote in grad school made it into Playboy. The wonders never cease.

Muckworld Roundup – Cheese Edition

My grandmother always said: “Don’t trust anybody who doesn’t like cheese.” It’s been a good week for movies — I saw The Bourne Ultimatum, The Simpsons Movie, Dans Paris, Sunset Blvd, The 11th Hour and the Inland Empire DVD — but it’s time to break up the rave reviews with a little artisanal gouda and some random nibbles from across the web.

Vermont Cheese

One of Astoria’s best: Ali and his Kabab Cafe in the NY Times

The Syncher, Not the Song: Douglas Wolk in The Believer on the Numa Numa Dance.

Berlin names street after Frank Zappa

Come be my friend: I’ve got a Facebook profile.

Jordan Hoffman reports from nerd heaven Comic-Con

Stoke your paranoia: White House revises post-disaster protocol and Old-line Republican warns ‘something’s in the works’ to trigger a police state.

Cows” is an old “multimedia” piece of mine I had all but forgotten about. Literary magazines come and go, but the web is forever. From drunken boat 3, fall/winter 2001.

Three summertime pop songs: Spoon, Dr. Dog, Feist.

… and finally there’s Trey’s new album The Horseshoe Curve and its companion EP Lucius Beebe, both comprised of tasty instrumental jams and outtakes from the glory days of the 10-piece band. You can listen to three tracks on Trey’s MySpace page.


Starting out like a romantic comedy about a phobic shut-in and his sexy neighbor, this truly independent production soon turns into a taut, claustrophobic thriller. The debts to Something Wild, Shallow Grave, and Double Indemnity are obvious but never overwhelm the original vision co-directors Kerry Douglas Dye and Jordan Hoffman bring to their material. In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably mention that I’m friends with the filmmakers and appeared in their previous production — so I’ll refrain from giving Body/Antibody a rating. The film will be screening in competition at the Brooklyn International Film Festival this June. Body/Antibody features fine performances by Robert Gomes, Leslie Kendall, Frank Deal, and Deborah Gibson (!).

Body/Antibody. Kerry Douglas Dye and Jordan Hoffman, 2007. N/R