The Week in Music

Dylan in Prospect Park, Wilco at McCarren Pool, Trey Anastasio‘s triumphant return to full-on electric shredding with Classic TAB at All Points West and the Music Hall of Williamsburg — and that’s just the stuff I missed.

The shows I managed to catch weren’t too shabby either: Animal Collective driving a sun-blitzed afternoon crowd wild, Kings of Leon, a heavy Roots throwdown with Immigrant Song tease just across from Ellis Island, Radiohead’s stunning second night at APW, Bob Weir‘s Masters of War, a blissful seaside evening with the Allman Brothers, and perhaps best of all, the U.S. premiere of Manuel Göttsching‘s seminal electronic piece E2-E4, accompanied by the mesmerizing Joshua Light Show at Lincoln Center’s Out of Doors Wordless Music event. Rhys Chatham‘s A Crimson Grail — a piece for 200 electric guitars — had to be canceled due to the rain, but Beata Viscera‘s performance of the music of Pérotin was gorgeous.

A few clips of varying quality:

Animal Collective: Fireworks

The Roots: Next Movement

Trey Anastasio Band: Gotta Jibboo (part II)

Ratdog: Masters of War

Radiohead: 15 Step

Radiohead: Ideoteque

Radiohead: Reckoner

E2-E4 with the Joshua Lights

Rheingauer Weinwoche

Hessischer LandtagBismarck-Hering

“The greatest festival in the world!” an old friend of mine enthused, without apparent irony. And who knows? Maybe he’s not entirely wrong: the Weinfest Wiesbaden, an annual gathering of Rheingau wineries on the Marktplatz, is known as “the world’s longest wine bar,” with over a thousand different kinds of wine and an average consumption of 250,000 bottles in ten days, primarily Riesling. If you go only every few years, it’s definitely a good time — although not without its risks.


That Stage

The grids are out, which means it’s time to get serious about Bonnaroo 2007. After the insane deluge of 2004, when Trey Anastasio fiddled with the Nashville Chamber Orchestra while Manchester drowned in mud, I took a little break. The festival is getting further from its hippie roots every year, but I’ve got friends who live down the road, Sector 9 and Galactic are playing late night sets, and hey, why not? In the run-up to the festival, I’ll post some of the music I’m most excited about, drawing heavily on the fine work by Some Dude at Bonnawho’s Who. We might as well start off with people I’ve never seen before:

With an album cover like this, what could possibly go wrong?


Tea Leaf Green
This band is steadily building a reputation on the third-generation jam band circuit.

Damien Rice
Fun fact: even though he’s not in it, Damien Rice sounds even better if you’ve seen the movie Once.

Ornette Coleman
When I was twelve, I gave a presentation about Ornette Coleman for music class. It was all about dates and categories–“free jazz,” as if the label explained anything–but I don’t remember hearing any of the music. The smart money says this will be the most adventurous set of the weekend.

Lilly Allen
The beauty of Bonnaroo is that when you’ve had it with Ornette’s way-out squeaking, you can walk across the lawn and be greeted by Lilly Allen’s super catchy pop. I’ll be in the front row, screaming like a Beatlemaniac!

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