The Illusionist

“Make me disappear!” Ed Norton plays a stage magician in love, Paul Giamatti tries to learn his tricks, and Jessica Biel is about to get married to the wrong guy! Pretty pictures, good acting, predictable story.

The Illusionist. Neil Burger, 2006. **

[tags]film, 2 stars, magic, ed norton, jessica biel, paul giamatti, historical, romance, love story[/tags]

Down in the Valley

Ed Norton and Evan Rachel Wood in a love story that’s Badlands by way of Koyaanisqatsi. He’s a cowboy, she’s a valley girl, and David Morse is her pissed-off daddy. This takes an unsuspected turn about half-way through, so don’t read too many reviews & ruin it. I’m not sure I like the second half as much as the pitch-perfect beginning, but it’s definitely interesting. Gotta digest a little more; review will be forthcoming by the time this opens.