Haus der Lüge

When I first visited Berlin (West) as a wide-eyed teenager, one of the highlights of the trip was running into Einstürzende Neubauten singer Blixa Bargeld in the back room of a shady Kreuzberg bar. Blixa, Alexander Hacke, and the rest of the Neubauten are still making beautiful noise, and watching their 2004 video Palast der Republik, I was happy to get reacquainted with Haus der Lüge, a catchy tune I’ve been singing on all the elevators in town.

Gott hat sich erschossen / ein Dachgeschoss wird ausgebaut!

Mir Ist So Nach Dir

Another excitement-free video, cobbled together from footage shot around Berlin-Mitte last September. Next time, I’ll put some more people in it.

Berlin Faces

At the Bode MuseumAbsinth DepotAt the Bode Museum
Stones plus MartyAt the Bode Museum
At the Bode MuseumBabel
FilmbrainAt the Bode MuseumAt the Bode Museum
At the Bode Museum
BabelAt the Bode Museum
At the Bode MuseumDaniel Kasman
At the Bode MuseumBabel
At the Bode Museum
At the Bode MuseumDavid HudsonAt the Bode Museum

In no particular order: the guys from Babel, David Hudson of GreenCine Daily, Mama und Papa, the friendly proprietor of Absinthe Depot, Andew “Filmbrain” Grant, Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger, Danny Kasman, Martin Scorsese, Charlie Watts, and a selection of medival statues from the Bode Museum, which you can also find in a flickr set that prompted my favorite flickr mail ever:

:: hi

I add you ass contact because I’m interessting about a trip
in germany and by your photo you make my day …….Ich bein
er berliner the Holy Germanic Empire’s rising again by your

Well then. From last year’s visit, more photos from the Bode and other Berlin museums.

Berlinale Wrap-Up

I made it back to New York and just posted my final Berlinale piece on Below is a list of all Journal entries as well as an overview of the thirty-odd movies I saw.

Also: the official Berlinale site has video from the There Will Be Blood press conference — around 40 minutes in, you can watch me ask Paul Thomas Anderson about “I drink your milkshake!” I sure wish there was a wide shot of the podium so we could see Daniel Day-Lewis giving me the thumbs up, but it’s a nice record anyway. The site has been featured all over the web as well as in USA Today and Entertainment Weekly, but this was my favorite milkshake moment by far.

Berlinale Journal

Films Covered, Sorted by Rating

  1. United Red Army. Wakamatsu Koji, 2007. ****
  2. Night and Day. Hong Sang-soo, 2008. ****
  3. Megane. Naoko Ogigami, 2007, ****
  4. Jesus Christ Savior. Peter Geyer, 2008. ****
  5. Sparrow. Johnny To, 2008. ****
  6. Wonderful Town. Aditya Assarat, 2007. ****
  7. Quiet Chaos. Antonio Luigi Grimaldi, 2008. ****
  8. Black Ice. Petri Kotwica, 2007. *** 1/2
  9. Julia. Erick Zonca, 2007. *** 1/2
  10. Another Love Story. Lúcia Murat, 2007. *** 1/2
  11. Auge in Auge. Michael Althen and Hans Helmut Prinzler, 2008. *** 1/2
  12. Transsiberian. Brad Anderson, 2008. *** 1/2
  13. Gegenschuss. Dominik Wessely, 2008. ***
  14. Heavy Metal in Baghdad. Suroosh Alvi and Eddy Moretti, 2007. ***
  15. I’ve Loved You So Long. Philippe Claudel, 2008. ***
  16. Katyn. Andrzeij Wajda, 2007. ***
  17. Filth and Wisdom. Madonna, 2008. ***
  18. Be Kind Rewind. Michel Gondry, 2008. ***
  19. Chiko. Özgür Yildirim, 2008. ***
  20. Happy-Go-Lucky. Mike Leigh, 2008. ***
  21. Lake Tahoe. Fernando Eimbcke, 2008. ***
  22. Standard Operating Procedure. Errol Morris, 2008. ***
  23. Gardens of the Night Damian Harris, 2007. ***
  24. Elegy. Isabel Coixet, 2008. ***
  25. Kirschblüten – Hanami. Dorris Dörrie, 2008. **
  26. The Other Boleyn Girl. Justin Chadwick, 2008. **
  27. Shine a Light. Martin Scorsese, 2008. **
  28. Lady Jane. Robert Guédiguian, 2008. **
  29. Shiver. Isidro Ortiz, 2008. **
  30. In Love We Trust. Wang Xiaoshuai, 2007. **
  31. Ballast. Lance Hammer, 2008. *
  32. Beautiful. Jaihong Juhn, 2008. *
  33. Elite Squad. José Padilha, 2007 *
  34. Coupable. Laetitia Masson, 2008. N/R
  35. Asyl -Park and Love Hotel. Kumasaka Izuru, 2007. N/R
  36. Restless. Amos Kollek, 2008. N/R
  37. Leo. Josef Fares, 2007. N/R
  38. Divizionz. Yes! That’s Us, 2007. N/R
  39. Yasukuni. Li Ying, 2007. N/R