“Examines the style and structure of films with an acuity rarely seen in mainstream criticism.” — Matt Zoller Seitz, rogerebert.com

Raves: Short Movie Reviews 2000-2012 collects fifty-six passionate reviews of instant classics, well-kept art house secrets and under-appreciated blockbusters from the first decade of the new century.

From French slasher flicks to x-rated musicals, Raves represents a dozen years worth of Jürgen’s most enthusiastic recommendations from his tenure as About.com’s critic for art house film. Whether you’re a budding cineaste ready to discover movies beyond the multiplex or a seasoned film freak looking for out-of-the-way titles to add to your must-see list, Raves offers to-the-point critiques of less than obvious movies everyone should see. Jürgen’s profound love of cinema and excitement over sharing a thrilling new discovery shines through each one of these infectiously positive reviews.

Raves is available now as Kindle ebook. Other formats are coming soon.