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    "A fast, complex, exhilarating roadster ride through history and time.... Kino is an intoxicating Euro-brew, written with enormous skill and dedication." — Frederick Barthelme

    "Jürgen Fauth's deft mashup of genre and historical period is both a full-throttle literary thriller of ideas and a contemplative examination of film and fascism. Kino is a debut of great intellectual  force."– Teddy Wayne

    "A surprising alternative history. Kino brings the golden age of German cinema to light with loving, sometimes gritty, detail and great precision." – Neal Pollack, author of Jewball.

    "A delirious melange of conspiracy, magic, sex, history, bad behavior, and cinema, Kino is a stellar entertainment, and Jürgen Fauth is a writer of rare, sinister imagination." – Owen King, author of Reenactment

    "A light-hearted romp that leads straight into darkness and back through the shadows on the wall."– Ben Loory, author of Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day

    "Movie nuts arise! A happy and felicitous debut."– Terese Svoboda

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fauth-face - CopyKino is the tragic story of a silent film director in Nazi Germany and his modern day granddaughter’s quest to redeem him. When the long lost, first-ever silent film from legendary director Kino arrives mysteriously on his granddaughter Mina’s doorstep, Mina’s mission to discover the man she barely knew begins.


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Excerpts from Kino have appeared in The Good Man ProjectFictionaut, Guernica, Blip Magazine, and The Collagist.

Selected Reviews

What glorious chaos! Kino by Jurgen Fauth is the most enjoyable book I’ve read this year. It’s a wild, caroming romp that crashes into German history, Nazi mind control, American pop culture decadence and modern cinema snobbery. The crazy plot soars from beginning to end. – Levi Asher, LitKicks

Jurgen Fauth took on a very complex project with his debut novel and it works amazingly well. – Popcorn Reads

A masterfully and innovatively told literary thriller. – Largehearted Boy

Incredibly fresh and exciting, yet nostalgic and wise. This book is fantastic.  -  Meaghan Walsh Gerard

This exquisitely constructed novel endures… Read it. – Anna March, The Rumpus

Fauth has written a novel crowded with ideas. Kino challenged me all the way to its final, fabulous last sentence.  It is absolutely flawless. -  Tara Olmsted, booksexyreview.com

Fauth effectively brings forth a variety of worlds in the novel without slackening the pace of the frantic chase that summons them in the first place. - Michael Stine, Readux

An intricately woven tale of history meets fiction, art meets politics, self-identity meets family. Fauth juggles these sharp ideas with nuance that showcase his maturity as a writer. In it, we are treated to Fauth’s wild imagination, where almost nothing is off limits. - Patrick Trotti, JMWW

Kino by Jurgen Fauth will knock you on your ass, especially if you’re a film buff. - BookRiot

While art may cause mental anguish and distress, ultimately is brings to light the true nature of our existence. That is the brilliance of art, and that is the brilliance of Kino. - Trip Starkey, The Literary Man

This is an elegant book, wrapping the core of a thriller in ideas that play with literary and semiotic conventions… - David Marshall, Thinking about Books

I had a damn good time reading Kino. The outlandish storyline is matched by outlandish ideas, among them the suggestion that cinema harbors borderline supernatural powers.  - David Hudson, The Notebook

The depiction of the German film industry in the 30’s, told through Kino’s diary with appearances by Fritz Lang, Emil Jannings, Marlene Dietrich and the rest of the gang, will delight any student of film history or classic cinema.  - So Much So Many So Few

Kino is a messy, wonderful, loopy romp of a novel. Written in an easy style conducive to breakneck reading and filled with cinematographic trivia, falsified histories, real histories, political criticism, romance, car chases, airport bomb threats, copious amounts of narcotic substances and a 92-year-old foul-mouthed ex-starlet. And that covers just about the half of it.  - Michelle Bailat-Jones, Necessary Fiction

A completely unpretentious period piece… an adventure steeped in the tragic details of the postwar world, but still a book that somehow manages an overall funness. - Marnie Shure, DBC|Reads


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