Happy Cows! SensaAgri Website Launches

I’m a vegetarian, but that didn’t keep me from designing sensaagri.com,  the website for the Belcher family farm in the north of Senegal. Rick and Amanda Belcher love their animals, which they import from South Africa. The site comes with an online store, so if you’re in Senegal (and not a vegetarian), you can now order Rick and Amanda’s premium-quality steaks, burgers, and more at sensagri.com.

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Relaunching JordanHoffman.com

Back when AOL Messenger was the incredible futuristic communications doodad du jour and TimeOut predicted Astoria would be the next hip New York neighborhood, one Jordan Hoffman became my editor at About.com. Fast-forward 17 years, and he’s not only a dear friend but also the official voice of Star Trek and a regular contributor to The Guardian, Vanity Fair, Thrillist, The Times of Israel, and more. Also, he hooked me up with tickets for the Baker’s Dozen, an act of kindness that shall never be forgotten.

Anyway, this is just to say that you should follow Jordan in all his endeavors (if you don’t already) — and that I just built his new website, which you can admire here.

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