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banner_mzs-banner-2 editor-in-chief Matt Zoller Seitz was kind enough to interview me about Raves and my career as a film critic. We talk about Revenge of the Sith, the Wiesbadener Kurier, and why I quit reviewing after twelve years.

It takes a certain confidence to not just have an opinion but also deem it worthy of broadcasting. You have to muster this authority to say, this is worthy, this isn’t. And yeah, I found that more and more difficult, especially with the negative reviews. My attitude started to change to, who’s to say? It’s not for me, but hey, if someone likes it, that’s fine with me.

And once that starts happening, you’re probably finished as a critic.

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For twelve years, I reviewed movies with a passion. I loved film and believed that criticism mattered, and I never got tired of asking myself and everyone inside and outside the screening room the eternal critic’s question: “Did you like it?” I went to premieres and festivals, cheerleaded for one of the best films of the decade — P.T. Anderson’s There Will Be Blood — and caught abuse from fans, colleagues and one sore director for critical reviews they disagreed with.

And then one day, I simply couldn’t do it anymore.

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