"The Death Bird" at BLIP Magazine

The Death Bird,” an excerpt from Kino, appeared in the Fall 2012 issue of BLIP Magazine (formerly Mississippi Review), alongside authors such as George Saunders, Marcy Dermansky, Angela Ball, Meg Pokrass, and Bobbie Ann Mason.

We arrived at Ufa-Palast am Zoo in a dreamy state to see Murnau’s vam­pire movie. How can I describe it to some­one whose eyes have been sul­lied by decades of triv­ial images danc­ing by on TV screens? You’ll never under­stand the rap­ture, the hor­ror, the euphoric bliss I felt at the sheer visual sur­prise. With each pass­ing moment, with every new shot on the screen, waves of plea­sure rolled through me.

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Hyperloaded Excerpt at Atticus Blog

Atticus Books assembled a “hyperloaded” excerpt from Kino by linking up all the historical references to material from the Tulpendiebe tumblr — for a couple of paragraphs, you can now enjoy the book as an enhanced multimedia piece.

We began shooting Pirates on the day of the Reichstag fire: I was so busy it barely registered. Politics didn’t concern me, not until a month later, when the NSDAP announced the formation of the Reichs-Film-Kammer and invited the elite of Germany’s film industry to a meeting at Hotel Kaiserhof…

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Kino Excerpt at The Collagist

The Collagist, a monthly online magazine published by Dzanc Books, features an excerpt from Kino in its April issue:

 At the Wintergarten, each person was fascinating, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, witty, and most of all, sexy. I laughed at the men’s one-liners and desperately wanted to touch the women’s silken dresses. I wanted to know them all, but even more than that, I wanted them to know me. After a couple of beers, I allowed myself to imagine that the applause was meant for me.

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