Brad Listi’s Other People podcast offers “in-depth, inappropriate interviews with authors.” Brad and I had an inappropriate conversation via Skype a few weeks back, and the result is now available as Episode 82.

Topics of conversation include:  Wiesbaden Germany, Mainz, Mississippi College, New Orleans, translation, Dominican Republic, spa towns, MFAs, psychotherapy, Thomas Mann, transcendental meditation, David Lynch,Catching the Big Fish, natural stress relief, focus, discipline, Maharishi, writing everyday, Berlin, health care, paying taxes, small town vs. big town, Dostoyevsky, thermal baths, the Third Reich, German history, nationalism, sociopolitical awareness, patriotism, computer programming, Fictionaut, monetizing, Fritz Lang, German cinema, Billy Wilder, Weimar Republic, Nazis, subversion, propaganda, Leni Riefenstahl, operettas, Le Corbeau, Joseph Goebbels, Titanic, immigration, dual citizenship, the role of the artist, courage, and living with uncertainty.

Listen to the podcast on iTunes or at the Other People website.