Create original art to win a signed copy of Kino or for a chance to have your art appear in a remix e-book edition of Kino!


Dear Friends,

A few years ago, a lost silent film appeared on my doorstep in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It turned out to be Tulpendiebe, the first film my grandfather Klaus “Kino” Koblitz directed in 1927.

As a celebration of my grandfather and his work, I started Tulpendiebe, a blog intended as a way to keep his ideals alive by collecting traces of the art, people, and events that shaped his life: the movies that inspired or outraged him, his friends and enemies, and the places that mattered to him.


However, Kino’s vision was never that of a single genius creating out of nothing. He knew that art requires inspiration, collaborators, and freedom in order to grow and breathe.

That’s why I want to invite you to participate in Tulpendiebe. I am looking for likeminded souls to help me extend my grandfather’s legacy.In the spirit of artistic freedom and collaboration, I am looking for art, fiction, music, photography, and videos that have a connection to my grandfather’s life and work.

For inspiration, you can:

Atticus Books is considering all artwork and writing for inclusion in an enhanced multimedia remix e-book edition of Jürgen Fauth’s Kino, a novel based on my grandfather’s life and work.

An Invitation

The creators of the most interesting and creative submissions received by June 5 will also be considered for free signed copies of Kino.

You may send me your work at

As my grandfather, Kino, might have said: “If it’s not fun, why bother?”


Mina Koblitz