Two More Reviews: Popcorn Reads and Forever Overhead

Popcorn Reads, a site devoted to “books that entertain you,” writes:

Jurgen Fauth took on a very complex project with his debut novel and it works amazingly well.

And Forever Overhead, a book blog named for a David Foster Wallace story, says:

Kino is a strange mish-mash of genres.  It’s a mysterious thriller that includes a family history, a “coming to America” story and a hint of magical realism.  On top of all that, it’s funny too.  I loved the structure of novel and how each character holds a piece of the story that expands on and sometimes revises an aspect of that story.  But for all the adventure in Kino, I think the story really serves as a method to talk about film as art, how art affects culture and society and the responsibility of the artist in the face of social and political change.

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