More book bloggers are professing their love for Kino. “This book is incredibly fresh and exciting, yet nostalgic and wise,” writes Meaghan Walsh Gerard, and concludes:

This book is fantastic.  Read it.  It’s enjoyable on every level.  It moves quickly.  There is history, adventure, mystery, danger, love, and humor.  And like the films that have affected us all, Kino is a story that will stay with you.

Meanwhile, at, Tara Olmsted writes:

DAMN! what’s not to love?! …  Yeah, Fauth has written a novel crowded with ideas. Kino challenged me all the way to its final, fabulous last sentence.  It is absolutely flawless.

At BookRiot, the Well-Readheads Rebecca Joines Schinsky and Liberty Hardy discuss debut novels, and Liberty says:

 Kino by Jurgen Fauth will knock you on your ass, especially if you’re a film buff.

Finally, the Caustic Cover Critic praises Jamie Keenan’s design and calls Kino “a clever and sarcastic literary thriller about an American woman investigating her family’s cinematic legacy.”