I had a fabulous time last night reading with Tom Perrotta and Mark Leyner for Behind the Book at KGB Bar in New York. Ed Champion reports:

Fauth stood before the crowd to read from Kino, his latest novel. He was straight to the point in his comic take on inflation in 1924 Germany. And when the passage shifted to a mode of celebration, Fauth stopped, saying, “Oh wait, let’s drop this,” heading back to his monetary tale of woe.

Fauth’s excerpt snaked its way toward the great Expressionist film director, Fritz Lang, who Fauth’s protagonist called a “miserable son of a bitch” and “an insufferable asshole.” Did Lang really assign numbers to gestures for his actors? I don’t know, but the notion was a darkly comic one, leading quite naturally to a point in Fauth’s story where a cocaine fueled  coterie of twenty-five actors who were operating an absurd monster.

I’ll be reading at two more events in New York next week.