I will join James Engelhardt (Prairie Schooner), Scott Lindenbaum (Electric Literature), Zach Dodson (Featherproof Books), Zachary Schomburg (Octopus Magazine) and Travis Kurowski (Luna Park Review) at the AWP conference 2011, held from February 2-5, 2011 in Washington, DC, for a panel on “Building the Literary Robot: The lit journal as new media.” Here’s the official listing;

Building the Literary Robot: The lit journal as new media
Lit has gone viral, adapted to fit Twitter feeds, iPhone apps, and social networks, and fashioned into flash animation for posting on YouTube. How do literary journals step into these new, far-reaching modes of publishing? What role will e-literature have in contemporary publishing and the teaching of creative writing? What will this mean to the traditional short story, poem, and essay? Writers and editors of online and print literary journals tell how they’ve explored new e-lit territory.