Now that the L.A. Times has blown our cover, it’s time to give Muckworld readers a peek at Fictionaut, a new literary community I’ve been building together with Carson Baker, a brilliant designer and web developer from Houston.

Fictionaut offers an alternative to traditional models of publishing short stories and poetry in a shared space that is part self-selecting literary magazine and part community network in which the roles of reader, writer, and editor are distributed equally among dedicated users.

Already a bustling community with over 250 members, Fictionaut features close to 200 wonderful stories, short shorts, poems, novel excerpts, and at least one piece of gender-bending erotica. Fictionaut’s board of advisors includes Frederick Barthelme, Lauren Cerand, Marcy Dermansky, Alex Glass, John Minichillo,  and Lizzie Skurnick.

For the time being, the site is invite-only, but you can register to be notified as invitations become available. Hope to see you there soon.