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A much delayed post about this highly enjoyable show. Apparently, tickets sold out in 22 minutes, but I was lucky enough to score an extra the week of, having only just caught on to MMJ’s live prowess after their much-praised Bonnaroo set and via the Okonokos live album and DVD.

The songwriting is first rate, and once the band settled into the vaunted venue, they won me over by hitting some spectacularly grand rock’n roll moments. The crowd went wild for Jim James’s balcony-climbing stunts, and I’m sure their first Madison Square Garden show is going to be the place to be this New Year’s Eve — unless the brahphecy is fulfilled in time (but more about that later.)

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Photo by Kathryn Yu

Setlist: My Morning Jacket, 6/20/08
Evil Urges, Off The Record, Gideon, I’m Amazed, Highly Suspicious, What a Wonderful Man, Touch Me Part 1, Sec Walkin, Golden, Thank You Too, The Way That He Sings, Two Halves, Phone Went West, Aluminum Park, Steam Engine -> Smokin From Shootin -> Touch Me Part 2 Encore: Bermuda Highway@, Librarian, Wordless Chorus, It Beats 4 U, Dondante, The Bear, Lay Low, Run Thru, Anytime, One Big Holiday

My Morning Jacket: Okonokos. Sam Erickson and Wyatt Smith, 2006. ****