At the Bode MuseumAbsinth DepotAt the Bode Museum
Stones plus MartyAt the Bode Museum
At the Bode MuseumBabel
FilmbrainAt the Bode MuseumAt the Bode Museum
At the Bode Museum
BabelAt the Bode Museum
At the Bode MuseumDaniel Kasman
At the Bode MuseumBabel
At the Bode Museum
At the Bode MuseumDavid HudsonAt the Bode Museum

In no particular order: the guys from Babel, David Hudson of GreenCine Daily, Mama und Papa, the friendly proprietor of Absinthe Depot, Andew “Filmbrain” Grant, Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger, Danny Kasman, Martin Scorsese, Charlie Watts, and a selection of medival statues from the Bode Museum, which you can also find in a flickr set that prompted my favorite flickr mail ever:

:: hi

I add you ass contact because I’m interessting about a trip
in germany and by your photo you make my day …….Ich bein
er berliner the Holy Germanic Empire’s rising again by your

Well then. From last year’s visit, more photos from the Bode and other Berlin museums.