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Redacting Redacted

Brian De Palma’s Redacted, the devastating reconstruction of the rape and murder of an Iraqi girl by American soldiers, has been one of the most divisive films at the New York Film Festival and it came as no surprise when tempers flared at a NYFF press conference with De Palma yesterday. “Did you intend to make a horror film for hipsters?” one incensed journalist asked. Answer: “No.”

When selection committee member J. Hoberman asked about the black bars that now cover some of the photographs at the conclusion of the film, Palma didn’t pull any punches, either: Redacted is now itself redacted,” he said. “My cut was violated.” No sooner had he fingered producer Mark Cuban for the changes in the film that a lone voice spoke up from the back of the Walter Reade Theater: “That’s not true!”

Eamonn Bowles from Magnolia Pictures went on to contradict De Palma, and after the conference, co-producer Jason Kliot took to the stage to explain that he saw the problem not as a “Cuban vs. De Palma type silly debate” but an issue of Fair Use laws, which he considered completely unfair: “they set it up so we cannot use images of our own culture to tell the truth about our own culture.”

De Palma also spoke about desensitization, voyeurism, and whether it’s easier to be labeled a misogynist or a traitor. At Spoutblog, Karina Longworth gets a statement from Cuban, and Bowles comments at Movie City Indie. My review of Redacted is up on About.com. The redacted version of the film will screen for the public on October 9 and 10. Magnolia will release the film in November.

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  1. Fabulous report, Jürgen, thanks for the YouTube clip.

  2. Mr De palmas needs to be delivered to the muslins
    for a swift be heading.

  3. Susan from Florida

     /  December 5, 2007

    I applaud him for making the film, Im sorry that the subject is so horrible but America needs to be shocked back into reality to stop this war and any war that may preceed this that the neocon agenda might try to lead us into next with lies of mass deception. Why arent their news reports like Dahr Jamail on our mainstream world news at night. How come other countries know what is going on in the world while our national news keeps us in the dark about most global issues. Where is the great documentaries of these like Pilger made in Vietnam, why is the press silent? The only solution I have is Ron Paul, take a look at his foreign policy, this whole war could have been prevented if we would of follow the constitution regarding foreign relations, there is a difference bewteen isolationism and non intervention, dont let people fool you when looking at Paul for president, he is not an isolationist.

  4. Susan Macina

     /  December 5, 2007

    Thats why Im voting for Ron Paul, he will bring our troops home immediately and make sure things like this dont happen again.

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