Whenever the name of your travel destination includes the letters “B”, “A”, and “D” — be it Baden Baden, Marienbad, or Bad Karma — you should dispense with all welcome ceremonies, postpone unpacking, and head straight from customs to the nearest spa.

That, at least, is our tradition when we arrive in Wiesbaden. There is nothing to counteract jetlag like submerging yourself in the steaming hot sulfur waters of the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme, a 1913 Wilhelminian spa decked out in Jugendstil tiles. You can drift from the cold pool to the Finnish sauna to the Irish-Roman steam bath, and nobody’s wearing towels like in the photo above. It’s one of our favorite places in the world, and the best way I know of to make yourself feel human again after the indignities of economy class travel.

Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme Wiesbaden: English / Deutsch / Wikipedia