Even though a certain red-headed guitar player is conspicuously absent this year and only a single surviving member of the Grateful Dead is performing, I’m packed and ready for Tennessee. Where else but Bonnaroo am I going to be able to catch The Slip, Wilco, Ornette Coleman, Gogol Bordello, Hot Tuna, Mavis Staples, David Cross, Lily Allen, and a superjam with John Paul Jones, Ben Harper, and ?uestlove, all in the same cow field?

A week or two ago, I posted about Bonnaroo7 acts I haven’t seen before. Hidden Track begins its coverage with those dread scheduling conflicts. Bonnawho’s Who has in-depth entries for every performer in the lineup. Over the weekend, you’ll be able to stream a number of shows live, and if you’re dying for a Jürgen fix, you’re welcome to check my Twitter page. Time and signal strength permitting, I’ll post the occasional camera phone shot of Sting to flickr. And now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta hustle so we don’t end up in Camp Austin Powers again….