Inventive animations, colorful talking heads and well-chosen movie clips illustrate this history of the F bomb, the most powerful taboo word in the English language. Lenny Bruce, Ron Jeremy, Ice-T, and T. S. Eliot weigh in on where, how and why to use it, and it’s all here–from the Nixon Tapes to George Carlin and Howard Stern, Eddie Murphy’s Raw, Scarface, Deadwood and Dick Cheney’s “Go fuck yourself.” I kept waiting for the movie to outstay its welcome, but before I got bored, it was over. Kirby Dick’s This Film is Not Yet Rated makes a more coherent case about institutionalized censorship in the US, and I wish more had been said about the influence of the FCC and the Parents Television Council, but Fuck’s mission is primarily to entertain. Lenny Bruce was right: “If you can’t say fuck, you can’t say ‘fuck the government.'”

Fuck. Steve Anderson, 2005. ***