The main space of the Knitting Factory was filled with chairs last night for a rare acoustic performance by Sir Joe Russo and that rascal Marco Benevento. (The show was supposed to be at Tonic, but Tonic is no more.) What does “acoustic” mean for the drums-and-organ Duo? No loops and laptops for Russo, an upright piano, a toy piano, and a xylophone for Benevento, and for us in the audience, relaxed banter, semi-classical improvisations, jazzy interludes, and their trademark energetic crescendos stripped to their bare bones. Somehow there was still room for “Play Pause Stop” and a George Harrison rarity. I only had tickets for the early show, and it left me hungry for more–but it’s the Green Apple Music Festival this weekend, and there’s lots more music to come.

Two videos of the full-on electric Duo: