Some shows are free, and for some you pay double. The wookie who wanted my extra for this sold-out gig stood me up, and by the time I decided to pawn it on rainy 23rd street, nobody was buying. No matter–the music inside the Gramercy was almost worth the price of two tickets. The venue, a renovated movie theater, is cozy if a little barren, but Page knew what to do. Presenting more stretched-out versions of his new material, he hit certain exploratory spaces that brought back the old magic, including a few moments here and there of confirmed hose. It’s not that you would mistake any of this music for Phish, but nothing has sounded quite as phishy since the GRAB band packed it in, and it’s instructive to see how much of that distinct sound was, in fact, Page. It’s not everyday anymore that you get to stand right there for “Strange Design.” With Cactus incommunicado and Big Red fighting the law, it seems that this is about as close as we’re going to get for the time being.