What this movie is lacking in the credibility department it more than makes up with the casting: we’ll watch anything with Isild Le Besco, and to see her in an amour fou with Denis Lavant (The Lovers on the Bridge) is a peculiar spectacle. I’ve spent many summers on European campgrounds just like the one in the movie, but passions never ran quite as high as they do here, when a married man falls for the pouty teenager in her denim mini skirt. (Wild Camp features the greatest game of boules I’ve ever seen.) Part of the excitement of Wild Camp is that for the longest time, you can’t tell if you’re watching a French vacation coming-of-age film, a romance, a horror movie, a satire, or a tragedy. I won’t ruin it.

Camping sauvage. Christophe Ali and Nicolas Bonilauri, 2005. ***

Here’s the trailer: