Competition for the two most beautiful words in the English language include “check enclosed” and “it’s benign”, but I’m rather fond of “free show.” To kick off his spring tour in support of the new album, Page McConnell played WXPN’s World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. I hadn’t seen Page since the epic meltdown that was Coventry, and on Friday he was rather more composed and grinning ear to ear. The new tunes were less jangly-jazzy than the Vida Blue/Spam All-Stars material, and for the broadcast set at the slick radio venue, he knew just where to take it: a little funk, the expected ballads, just enough weirdness, and an encore that raged pretty hard for a noon concert. Obviously, we were hoping he’d throw us a Phish bone, but there was only a passing reference to “my old band” (and he wasn’t talking about Tenacious D.) I’m not complaining though–this new stuff is catchy and has plenty of potential. I’m looking forward to Wednesday night at the Gramercy Theatre. Play it Leo!

Here’s their opening tune, “Heavy Rotation”…


…and the ballad “Maid Marion”


I have an extra for the Gramercy show. Drop me a line if you want it.