Victor Nunez can’t catch a break–first, nobody wanted to distribute the third installment of his Florida Trilogy (preceded by Ruby in Paradise and Ulee’s Gold). Now that it’s finally out on DVD, we had to go and watch it as the last movie before taking off on vacation. By now, too many motoconcho rides, santo libres, and raptures of the deep later, memory just barely serves to recommend it. Sonny (Timothy Olyphant) is released from prison and returns to the Gulf Coast town where his best friend is a cop (Josh Brolin) married to his high school sweetheart Ann (Sarah Wynter.) The local gangsters Sonny took the fall for don’t want to pay up, and Ann is tempted to run away with Sonny…. A carefully observed small-town drama with a true indie feel; Nunez’ big, generous heart is as much is evidence as in the other two films.

Coastlines. Victor Nunez, 2002. ***

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