Snakes on a Plane

From pitch to meme to hype to backlash, what’s left half a year later is a gleefully dumb B picture in the tradition of Arachnophobia and Tremors. In the middle of yet another awards season stuffed with the usual overpraised mediocrities and a few now-familiar great movies, this was a refreshingly unpretentious good time. As much a throw-back to the abandoned trash filmmaking of the 70s as The Good German was to Casablanca.

Snakes on a Plane. David R. Ellis, 2006. ***

[tags]samuel l jackson, 3 stars, film, planes, snakes, horror, action, julianna margulies, trash[/tags]

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  1. According to first hand reports, opening night at the Union Sq. cinema involved ushers tossing rubber snakes into the seats during climactic moments. How in the world did I miss that??



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