Fish in a barrel. Christopher Guest and gang turn their talents to Hollywood and the Oscar race, but come up with a less satisfying film than usual. Everybody in the industry gets lampooned, from directors, writers, actors to PR folks, and assorted hangers-on, including literally drooling movie critics (“I’ve seen a lot of movies, and I’ve loved them all!”) and some guy posting on the Internet. (Apparently Guest also keeps a special circle of hell warm for Charlie Rose.)  I particluarly liked Eugene Levy as worthless agent, Fred Willard as entertainment TV host, and Jennifer Coolidge as diaper heiress/producer. Parker Posey, Bob Balaban, and Harry Shearer are all reliably amusing. Catherine O’Hara, as a pathetically desperate aging actress, is at the center of the film, but seeing her ambitions frustrated isn’t half as much as fun as you’d think.

Dog shows, the folk music scene, and amateur theater were probably better fits for Guest’s improv comedy–the movie industry has been satirized and abused so much before, For Your Consideration seems a little tame and scattershot by comparison. There’s none of the bite of The Player, nor any of the ridicule disguised as love letter to the movies that makes Day for Night such a pleasure. Some good one liners, but you’ve probably seen the best ones already in the trailer. Opens on Friday.

For Your Consideration. Christopher Guest, 2006. **

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