“Clean-cut, midwest farm boy type, almost insultingly good-looking in a typically American way. Good profile, straight nose, honest eyes, wonderful smile…”

That’s how the Young Man describes himself in Edward Albee’s The American Dream, in a role I played at Mainz University in 1992. The other cast members of The Day-Old Theater’s inaugural production were Kerry Vevers, Carsten Wilhelm, Claudia Saldi, Verena Blatz, and Claus Wolf, crew included Nadine Milde, John Morley, Heiko Stahl, Jasmin Stathi, Babak Yazdi, Luisa Yokochi, and Daniel J. Recktenwald directed. The poster was designed by my good friend Jochen Carbuhn.


I mention this because Mr. Albee’s voice woke me last weekend. I was asleep in his barn, where Marcy is currently at a residency, and I’ll always be a little sad that I didn’t jump up quicker, run downstairs, and recite his play to him in my underwear. Then again, I’m sure I wouldn’t have remembered my lines, and Mr. Albee was just delivering the mail.

The Barn