After Breaking Open the Head, Daniel Pinchbeck is now gearing up to become the Leary/McKenna of the Oughts. Contemporary shamanism, I suppose, is the word. He takes his trip pretty far out in the new book: the regular iboga/ayahuasca explorations are back, told with blunt first-person honesty, and solid scholarly work that touches on anybody who’s even remotely relevant, from obvious ones like Castaneda and Fritjof Capra to more obscure figures such as Rudolf Steiner. There are chapters on quantum mechanics that shouldn’t thrill no one any longer, there are UFOs, Stonehendge, Hopi prophecies, and of course–much to my chagrain*–the Mayan calendar. The general theory here is that the end of the Long Count on December 21, 2012 will usher in some sort of revolution of global consciousness, activation of the noosphere, what have you. I was particularly taken with his treatise on crop circles, on which I’ll soon post more. Interesting for a mind-bending ride, expert synthesis of hermetic traditions, and very revealing personal stories from Burning Man, Amazon villages, and the depths of DPT trips. Recommended, even just for the jolt of Pinchbeck’s courage to go very far out there.

* Ever since Tikal, I’ve been wanting to do something with the end of the Long Count. He got there first, next is Mel Gibson….

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