Jurgen: what should I blog about body double
tell me
how many stars?
Marcy: two and a half
Jurgen: ok
and what do I say
Marcy: it’s your blog
Jurgen: that the last shot has blood spilling on some tits?
Marcy: you can do it
but don’t talk to much about naked girls you already did that in bettie page
Jurgen: right right
but it was lurid
melanie griffith and frankie goes to hollywood
it doesn’t get much more lurid than that
Marcy: lurid
i am tired
i want to go to sleep
Jurgen: just one pithy line please
Marcy: so the plot kept me watching even if jake skully was such a putzy looking guy he was painful to look at.
they would never make a mainstream movie with this much titty action anymore
Jurgen: thx!