Haven’t written yet about last week’s terrific Sector 9 show at the brand-new Nokia Theater on Times Square, a sweet sweet venue that used to be the Astor movie theater. Dorm-room favorite Alex Grey, equal parts cheesy and sublime, was one of the artists painting live to the music, and this time around, the most dancable sci-fi grooves sounded like space-age disco anthems to me–I wouldn’t have been surprised if some of the Wooks 2.0 on the dancefloor had sported warp-drive roller skates. No idea where to find a setlist, but they did play Somesing, Tokyo, and Move My Kamuy Maneuvers, or whatever it’s called. While digging for a link for their Groove TV show, which you can download in its entirety, I came up with a review from Variety that concludes: “STS9’s songs are built on thick, but far from distorted, bass that grooves with a kind of baby-making spirit.” Well then!