Moore has put everything he read on the tarot, the Kaballah, eastern mysticism, paganism and religion in his graphic novel. The result is a lifeless walk through a hodgepodge of references, humourless, boring to the extreme and not really interesting for the fans of the above mentioned fields. The text displays a false depth with no relation to the extremely slim narrative plot.

That’s “a reader from Baton Rouge, Louisiana” for you. Me, I love what Alan Moore has done here. Comic books or not, Moore is an amazing writer, and Promethea is an attempt at merging a perfunctory superhero scenario with (as “a reader” noted) hermetic knowledge. The art is astounding and very trippy, and the issue where Aleister Crowley walks Promethea through the Major Arcana of the tarot deck is one of the best. This is fascinating stuff, told with wisdom and mindbending art by J. H. Williams III. Minor characters include the Weeping Gorilla and New York science hero team “The Five Swell Guys.”