Wow, what a fucking waste. You see, Alan Moore’s comic book is witty, literate, and surprisingly rich in character–one of the best comics of the last few years. The movie reduces it to a silly, boring B-picture with nothing to recommend it: not the visuals, not the by-the-book action scenes, not Sean Connery’s ham-fisted acting, not the laughable plot. Captain Nemo looks like a guy in a Halloween costume, with fake beard and turban, the CGI is mediocre, and somebody thought it was a good idea to add Tom Sawyer and Dorian Gray to the lineup of Victorian heroes. Trash trash trash, and a goddamn shame. Somebody like Peter Jackson could have done miracles with Alan Moore’s original material. Let’s hope when they finally do Watchmen, they don’t botch it like this.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Stephen Norrington, 2003. *