OK, so I decided to read some more Sci-Fi, and Asimov’s Foundation series is a milestone classic of the genre, right?

Yikes, what a dreadful stinker. Now, before you shout “you started with the second book dummy” let me tell you that I fully grasp the b.s. background story about what’s-his-face and his whacko theories. The problem here are the cliched writing, the bone-dry characters, and the rote storytelling. The chapters still have the titles ol’ Isaac gave them when he plotted out this trash epic: “The War Begins.” “The War Ends.” Jeez. The only redeeming factor is the hilarious 50s retro feel. Whenever there’s some really advanced technology, it’s nuclear. Whoppeee! Nuclear!!! Descriptions are at a minimum–this is all about some lame-ass “epic” scheme, and there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, in terms of noteworthy imagined detail. Dreck.