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Welcome to my site — I'm glad you're here. I’m a writer, editor, translator, traveler, web designer, photographer, critic, storytelling consultant, and social entrepreneur. I’ve published two novels and a book of film criticism, launched Germany's first online literary journal, founded the writers' community Fictionaut, and started West Africa's first vegetarian food service. I graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a Ph.D. in English. I've lived in New York City, New Orleans, Mississippi, Wiesbaden, Germany, and the Dominican Republic, and currently divide my time between Dakar and Berlin.

DARK Released to Great Reviews

Dark, the first original German Netflix series, premiered on the streaming service to great reviews. The New York Times profiled director Baran Bo Odar, and The Verge says:

Netflix’s Dark is hard to watch, and impossible to stop watching. The service’s first original German series echoes David Lynch and David Fincher, but finds its own queasy, compelling ground.

I translated the screenplays for all ten episodes into English. I’ve watched the first 3 episodes last night and I’m thrilled with the way the show turned out — the Verge is definitely on to something. Can’t wait to binge on the rest of Dark.

Happy Cows! SensaAgri Website Launches

I’m a vegetarian, but that didn’t keep me from designing sensaagri.com,  the website for the Belcher family farm in the north of Senegal. Rick and Amanda Belcher love their animals, which they import from South Africa. The site comes with an online store, so if you’re in Senegal (and not a vegetarian), you can now order Rick and Amanda’s premium-quality steaks, burgers, and more at sensagri.com.

Find out more about my web design services.


4 Blocks Streams Worldwide

The hard-boiled Berlin gangster drama 4 Blocks is available on Amazon Prime, starting today. 4 Blocks is a six-part series set in Neukölln that “relies on shocking images, fast cuts, bright colors, German-Arabic slang and a hip-hop soundtrack to draw in viewers.” (DW) 4 Blocks premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and is produced by TNT Serie and Wiedemann & Berg.

I helped translate 4 Blocks into English. Find out more about my translation projects and watch the trailer below!

The Parapolis Project

Abracadabra Magic Food, the vegetarian food startup I co-launched and operate in Dakar, Senegal, was always intended as a food truck. Now, we’re collaborating with students from the Münster School of Architecture and the Institute Polytechnique Panafricain (Dakar) to develop a design concept for a sustainable, earth-friendly food truck — and build it!

We concluded the first phase of the Parapolis Project in the spring, when a group of German students visited Senegal to research mobile market structures in Dakar and conduct a workshop with the IPP students — followed by a study trip through Senegal.

Abracadabra organized and facilitated the workshop and study trip, and I documented both in photos. The photos and designs will be shown in an exhibition later this year — stay tuned for details!

The Parapolis Project is supported by generous grants from the German Embassy Dakar and the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung für die Freiheit.

For more photos and information, visit the Parapolis web site.


Aquagym Photos at GOOD

Every morning from our Dakar balcony, we can hear the sound of noodles smacking on the ocean: it’s the Ngor Dolphins aquagym club exercising on the beach.

You can read about why that’s special in an article Kap wrote for GOOD Magazine: A Gender Divide Melts Away In The Waters Of The Atlantic — where burkinis and board shorts are brushing thighs! I took the photos that accompany the article.

Grab a noodle and click over to GOOD to join the Ngor Dolphins.


The Hole in the Den by Michael Martrich

Michael Martrich is a writer and musician from Pennsylvania who just published his first novel, The Hole in the Den. I was pleased to be asked to provide a blurb.  Here’s what I said:

All-American alchemy! With The Hole in the Den, Michael Martrich manages the miraculous transfiguration of youthful suburban memories into something far more mysterious and wise. Incantatory sentences swirl and spin, piling on secrets, smells, glances, rocks and cigarettes, names carved in bark and flashes of jarring erudition. Loss and longing, caught in the gravity well of time and language, cast a spell that imbues hard truths with uncertainty and dreams with the lucid texture of the real.

You can order The Hole in the Den now from Amazon or directly from BlazeVox.